Jimmy D. Huebert, MD

I consider it not just my job but a privilege in helping my patients get back to a more active and healthy lifestyle. I am very passionate and convinced that REGENERATIVE MEDICINE provides some of the best tools available today to help them get back to the kind of active lifestyle they want.  I have experienced first-hand, some of the incredible healing properties that regenerative therapies have to offer in my own family.  My wife has been told by multiple orthopedic specialists for many years, that the only option she has left is a joint replacement surgery.  Not only has she been able to avoid a replacement surgery, she has been able to dramatically improve the pain and function of her joint through a variety of these amazing regenerative therapies.

I grew up on a small farm in Nebraska.  Being active and involved in many sports came at a very early age, from the competitions with my older brothers, to earning a scholarship to play college football.  These experiences along with a variety of injuries along the way, helped cultivate my interests in medicine.

I attended medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  My interest in sports and sports injuries continued to grow as a member of the medical school basketball team.  We competed against teams from other medical schools, through league play and a regional tournament.  After medical school, I attended the University of Oklahoma, where I completed a residency in Internal Medicine.  It was here that I met my wife.  During my residency, my interest in sports injuries continued to develop.  I volunteered to provide medical care at various local sporting events and served as a team physician for Mclain high school.  This interest eventually helped guide me to a Sports Medicine fellowship at the University of Maryland.  During my fellowship, I served as a team physician for the Baltimore Ravens, the Baltimore Orioles, the University of Maryland-College Park, the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Coppin State University, the MLL Baltimore Bay Hawks, and Milford Mill high school.

It was during my fellowship I began to realize that a vast majority of orthopedic injuries often do not require surgery, but rather can be treated through a variety of nonsurgical therapies, which can include maximizing the incredible healing ability of the human body.  This was the spark that ignited my interests in regenerative medicine.

We moved to Tualatin, Oregon in the fall of 2001 after completion of my fellowship.  I joined a small orthopedic surgical group, where my interest in nonsurgical and regenerative therapies really began to grow.  I decided to pursue my interests in regenerative medicine and started a solo medical practice in Tualatin, Oregon.  I see a variety of general orthopedic and spine related injuries and problems, where I emphasize these amazing regenerative therapies.

We had a brief return to Tulsa, Oklahoma for family reasons, and while there I served as the team physician for the Tulsa Talons of the AFL and the Tulsa 66ers of the NBA-D.  We were very happy to return to Tualatin, Oregon, and I currently volunteer and have been a consultant and team physician for a variety of sporting events including PRCA, the Portland Marathon, Cirque Du Soleil, US Figure Skating, and various area high schools.  I have volunteered my time as an Adjunct Clinical Professor for OHSU School of Medicine’s Family Medicine and Physician Assistant programs, and the Family Medicine program at Providence Milwaukie Hospital.

I continue to pursue my passion in regenerative medicine as a teaching faculty for musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSKUS.com) by exchanging new ideas with my colleagues and teaching other physicians, healthcare professionals, residents and students about regenerative medicine.

My wife and I have two children and stay very active and involved in their sports and activities.  We enjoy going back to Nebraska to see family and the beloved Nebraska Cornhusker football team as often as we can.

My fascination with trying to help my patients with their various spine, orthopedic and sports injuries continues to grow each year, and I relish the opportunity to help my patients live better, more fulfilling lives, free from the burden and limitations of pain and dysfunction, using all the various tools available and especially the regenerative therapies available today.