The Importance of Staying Hydrated in the Summer

The Importance of Staying Hydrated in the Summer

Posted by DR. HUEBERT on May 12 2021, 08:40 AM

The Importance of Staying Hydrated in the Summer

The human body is made up of almost 60% water. When you factor in age, sex, and hydration levels, this number tends to vary between 45% to 75%

In summer, when the days are hot and humid, your body works twice as hard to maintain normal functions, and being dehydrated puts you at risk of heat injuries like heat stroke or heat exhaustion. 

That’s why researchers and doctors, including Dr. Jimmy D. Huebert, M.D., recommend that you hydrate more often in the summer. Keep reading to learn what benefits you gain from staying hydrated. 

  • Keeps Your Heart Healthy

When you’re dehydrated, your blood volume can plummet along with your blood pressure. Your heart starts to work harder to circulate oxygen and blood through your system. 

As a result, you can feel drained of energy, and even the simplest activities such as climbing the stairs or walking can become difficult. 

  • Gives You Supple Skin

Dehydration and exposure to high temperatures can lead to dry skin, sunburn, and loss of elasticity. 

On the other hand, staying hydrated and drinking enough water will provide your body with the necessary nourishment, keeping your skin soft and elastic.

  • Helps With Digestion

Water helps break down nutrients and enables them to go through the intestinal tract. When your system lacks the necessary fluids, this can lead to constipation or other digestive issues. 

Drinking plenty of water, especially when temperatures are high, facilitates the safe removal of bodily waste and eases digestion.

  • Prevents Headaches and Migraines

Studies such as this one reveal that headaches are one of the most common symptoms of dehydration. Over 40% of the people involved in the study stated that they experienced headaches due to dehydration. 

Other studies have also revealed that drinking enough water can drastically reduce migraine symptoms.

Dehydration is known to affect both your physical and mental performance. Consuming just over 1.9 liters of water every day, on the other hand, can keep you healthy and your body in top condition.

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