What Are Peptides?


Peptides or proteins, which are simply a sequence of amino acids, which are used to help the body improve its function, fight certain diseases, improved health, increased longevity, and speed of recovery by improving your body’s own regenerative functions are called secreatagogues (proteins or peptides that promote secretion of growth hormone-hGH).

Nutrient peptides or proteins are some of the most effective forms of nutritional therapy that is available today.  Most people do not consume adequate nutrients naturally through their regular diet, their lives are busy and often don’t take or have the time to prepare healthy meals.   Therefore, the majority of us are typically lacking these essential and vital nutrients to maximize our good health.

Research evidence confirms that vitamin and nutrient deficiencies are associated with a variety of chronic and inflammatory conditions which are detrimental to your health.  These can result in inflammatory conditions, depressed immune system, worsening of neurodegenerative processes such as Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even some cancers.  These deficiencies can accelerate the body’s normal functional decline.  This can result in increased physical stresses, emotional stresses, gastrointestinal dysfunction, chronic pains, and a general overall decline in your health.


Decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass, increase strength, improved energy, improve sleep quality, improve mental and physical performance, enhances calcium retention, improved connective tissue and skin elasticity, speeds up connective tissue repair, helps with decreasing inflammatory processes, speeds up recovery and beneficial in anti-aging and your overall good health.

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