‘STEMCELLS’ therapy or the more correct terminology is ‘REGENERATIVE BIOCELLULAR’ therapy are new and promising therapies which utilizes cutting edge technologies to concentrating and purifying the body’s natural healing abilities.  These are the body’s bioactive (Pleuripotent) cells, which have the ability to repair connective tissues (ie: bone, ligament, tendon, cartilage, muscle, nerve, etc) and not to be confused with ‘embryonic stem’ cells.  These incredible bioactive cells significantly enhance the natural healing ability, and are being utilized in Orthopedics, anti-aging, cosmetics, sexual dysfunction, Alzheimer’s, neurologic issues, just to name a few of the conditions currently being studied and treated, with some amazing results.

Most people are familiar with ‘PRP’ – Platelet Rich Plasma therapies.  This therapy has been used in a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and in cosmetics, the so called ‘Vampire Face Lift’, is a treatment that utilizes PRP technology.  But ‘REGENERATIVE’ therapies is so much more than just PRP.  It utilizes a variety of cellular and regenerative components to help speed healing and improve function.  These types of treatments can be used in conjunction with surgery or as the primary treatment option.

These may include:

PRP (platelet rich plasma): concentrated cellular components that contain a variety of growth and healing signaling factors, it is excellent initial therapy for any musculoskeletal injury or problem.

A2M (alpha-2-macroglobulin): a protein molecule found in your blood plasma, it helps stop or slow the progression of degenerative arthritis in joints, often used as a pre-treatment.

PLACENTAL-AMNIOTIC MATRIX: concentrated growth factors that are obtained from healthy donors.  More concentrated that PRP and can be used for the same problems.

BMAC (bone marrow aspirate concentrate): this is where our body produces the stromal and vascular cell types.  Typically used in bone and joint problems, as well as most other regenerative treatments.  Can be used as a primary therapy, but if often used in conjunction with other regenerative therapies.

ADIPOSE (fat) cells: which typically have the highest concentration of stromal fraction.  This type of therapy is often used in cosmetics and when the more traditional PRP and growth factor treatments are not effective enough.

CORD TISSUE-CELLULAR MATRIX: the newest and some of the most exciting therapies currently available.  These formulations contain some of the highest concentration of pleuripotent cells (these are stemcells that with the correct signals and growth factors can regrow or repair connective tissue, ie: bone, ligament, tendon, cartilage, etc…), which means maximum healing effects without the need for a bone marrow aspirate, liposuction or blood draw.

If you think that surgery maybe your only option, or have not had the type of results with more traditional treatments, or just have questions, please consider regenerative therapies as a better option.  Please contact our office to see if one of these regenerative therapy options may be right for you.  Thank you for your interest.

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