about us

I consider it not just my job but a privilege in helping my patients get back to a more active and healthy lifestyle.

I am very passionate and convinced that Regenerative Medicine provides some of the best tools available today to help them get back to the kind of active lifestyle they want.

I have experienced first-hand, some of the incredible healing properties that regenerative therapies have to offer in my own family. My wife has been told by multiple orthopedic specialists for many years, that the only option she has left is a joint replacement surgery.

Not only has she been able to avoid a replacement surgery, she has been able to dramatically improve the pain and function of her joint through a variety of these amazing regenerative therapies.

I attended medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where my interest in sports and sports injuries continued to grow. I attended the University of Oklahoma, where I completed a residency in Internal Medicine. It was here where I met my wife. During my residency, my interest in sports injuries continued to develop. I volunteered to provide medical care for various local sporting events and served as team physician for local high schools. My growing interest resulted in a Sports Medicine fellowship at the University of Maryland.

During my fellowship, I served as a team physician for the Baltimore Ravens, the Baltimore Orioles, the University of Maryland-College Park, the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Coppin State University, the MLL Baltimore Bay Hawks, and Milford Mill high school.During my fellowship I began to realize that a vast majority of orthopedic injuries often do not require surgery, but rather can be treated through a variety of nonsurgical therapies, which include maximizing the incredible healing ability of the human body. This was the spark that ignited my interests in REGENERATIVE MEDICINE.
I’m a licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Oregon that loves using a combination of alternative and conventional therapies to meed each individual’s unique needs.  

I get most excited by helping people feel like their best selves and believe strongly intreating the whole person - not just the symptoms. I am passionate about individualized medicine and will work closely with you to find and work around the specific obstacles you may face. 

I enjoy working with patients to come up with a treatment plan that is attainable and sustainable by using an approach that combines natural therapies, such as herbal medicine, lifestyle changes, and nutrition optimization, with conventional treatments, such as pharmaceutical medication, to provide the most comprehensive care.

I hail from sunny Florida where I attended the University of Florida completing my Bachelor of Science in Biology and working as a research assistant with the Emerging Pathogens Institute. The time between obtaining my undergraduate degree and attending my doctorate program was spent furthering my experience working within various aspects of healthcare, including psychiatric care facilities and offering counseling targeted toward chemical dependency. It was in this time that my goals for the type of medicineI wanted to practice started to change and I began to pursue my passion toward learning about alternative and integrative medicine.

I moved to Portland, OR in 2015 to attend the National University of Natural Medicine where I obtained my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. Following graduation, I completed 2-years of an accredited residency program and went on to practice as an attending physician with Northwest Integrative Medicine. My time there was spent providing primary care services with a strong focus in mental health. During my time in practice, I obtained further education to develop my skills in intravenous and injection therapies for a variety of purposes which sparked a passion for aesthetic, restorative, and longevity medicine which I am excited to further pursue here.


The Sport, Spine & Wellness Center was started in 2004, with a simple idea of trying to find non-surgical ways of helping our patients with their orthopedic, spine, sports and other painful problems. We will to provide the cutting edge services to better serve our changing patient’s needs. We will always stive to provide the very best care and services in our unique integrative clinic to help our patients live their best lives.