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tualatin, OR

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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is based on researching and developing new treatments to heal tissues and organs and restore functions that have been lost due to aging, damage, or trauma. Your body has the ability to repair and heal itself in different ways.

Regenerative medicine includes materials and regenerated cells to replace the missing tissues, both structurally and functionally. It also helps in healing the tissues. The ability of the body to recover can also be utilized to promote regeneration.

How does technology help in Regenerative Therapy?

The main aim of regenerative therapy is to help find solutions to treat injuries and diseases previously considered untreatable. We utilize various autologous (this means from you and for you) therapies.

Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials: In this strategy, autologous scaffolds are implanted in the body at the area where new issues can be regenerated. The newly engineered tissue will perform the original function of the repaired one with some form of application. These autologous tissues have helped treat millions of patients suffering from irreversible medical conditions.

Cellular Therapies: We have millions of adult stem cells found in the human body. The body utilizes these cells to repair itself. Research has shown that if your adult stem cells are harvested and injected at the affected site of the damaged or diseased tissue, it is possible to reconstruct the tissue. These cells can be obtained from your fat and bone marrow.


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